St. Louis Cup & College Showcase

Tournament Dates November 17-19, 2023

Games will be held at Creve Coeur Park Soccer Complex, a World Class all turf facility.

Entry Fees*:
U9-U10 = $625
U11-U12 = $725
U13-U14 = $875
U15+ = $925

Registration Deadline is October 31, 2023

Hotel Room Contact:
Patti Miller – (314) 212-2150 or


Tournament Rules

Laws of the Game The tournament shall be played in accordance with the laws of the game as observed by FIFA. Any ruling not covered by FIFA will be in accordance with the Missouri Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) with the following exceptions.

Player & Team Eligibility – Documentation
Player and Team Eligibility The tournament is open to competitive select teams and all players must be registered with USYSA, US Club or USSSA and their respective state associations and have current player ID cards with picture.

All teams from outside of the state of Missouri must have a travel permission form from their respective state association. Required documentation: player cards (USYSA, US Club, USSSA), your state association approved guest player loan forms (if applicable), copies of the state or National Associated verified roster and a notarized copy (if applicable) of medical release form for each player must be presented at registration.

J.B. Marine SC will keep a copy of the state roster, guest forms and travel permits. Medical release forms will be reviewed and returned. The tournament will follow the newly implemented U.S. Soccer guidelines pertaining to field ranges and roster size.

Team rosters will be comprised of no more than 12 players for 7v7 format games (U9 and U10). Team rosters will be comprised of no more than 16 players for 9v9 format games (U11 and U12). Team rosters will be comprised of no more than 18 players for 11v11 format games. Teams playing U-17 through U-20 can roster 22 players but can only dress18 players for any game. Some exceptions to this rule can be made with tournament director’s approval. There is a maximum of six (6) guest players allowed per team, but the roster size stated above cannot be exceeded.

In some cases ‘Trapped’ players will be allowed to play with teams, 1 year younger, up to the amount of players allowed in the tournament guest player policy.

A player may play for only one team during the tournament. Exceptions to this rule must first be approved by the tournament director. Team Check in Team check-in process entails minimal documentation to be given to the tournament committee and requires the teams to have the other applicable documentation in their possession during the tournament. The required documents that are to be sent to the tournament committee and subsequently retained are noted below. All other documents/passes are to be in the possession of the teams.

Each team will be asked to sign and affirm that they have all the necessary documents in their possession in order to comply with the Midwest Cup tournament rules, Missouri Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) rules, and US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) rules.

The following items are to be scanned then emailed to the tournament:
1.     Official State Roster
2.     Travel Permit (if applicable)
3.     Guest Player Forms (if applicable)

If teams are unable to complete the electronic pre-check in, they are required to check in onsite at the tournament one hour prior to their first game.

After the team is checked in they must report to their field and check in with the Field Marshall 20 minutes prior to game time for card review.

All identification cards will be collected and reviewed, prior to the game by the Field Marshall. Cards will be held during the game and returned after the game.

All players except the goalkeeper must have a numbered jersey that has a different number from all other team players.

The team listed first will be considered the “home team”. The home team should wear white or light colors, and will be required to change jerseys in case of a color conflict (as determined by the referee). Home teams will be responsible to supply the game ball.

All equipment shall be subject to the referee’s approval. All fans must sit on the opposite of the field as the teams.

Substitutions shall be allowed in accordance with USYSA rules.
A player receiving a“yellow”card does not have to be substituted for. No substitutions will be allowed for a player ordered from the field by the referee for misconduct.

Any player or coach who receives a “red” card shall not participate in the next scheduled game. Ejections will be reviewed by the tournament officials, who reserve the right to lengthen suspensions based on the nature of the offense.

Scheduling shall be the sole responsibility of the Tournament Committee.

Game Format & Duration
Size 7v7
U9 Boys & Girls, 2 – 25 minute halves
U10 Boys & Girls, 2 – 25 minute halves
Size 9v9
U11 Boys & Girls, 2 – 30 minute halves
U12 Boys & Girls, 2 – 30 minute halves
Size 11v11
U13 Boys & Girls 2 – 35 minute halves
U14 Boys & Girls 2 – 35 minute halves
U15 Boys & Girls 2 – 35 minute halves
U16 Boys & Girls 2 – 35 minute halves
U17 Boys & Girls 2 – 35 minute halves
U18 Boys & Girls 2 – 35 minute halves
U19/20** Boys & Girls 2 – 35 minute halves

The Tournament Director may change the duration or length of games, subject to the following:
A.     Inclement weather
B.     Delay from relocation and/or rescheduling of any games
C.     May cancel any games in the preliminary rounds which have no bearing on deciding group winners
D.    May modify rules for tie breaks due to inclement weather delays.

U9-U14 will have awards for the points winner. It will be a points based system whereas as the points winner will be awarded a medal. The point system and tie-breakers are detailed below.

U15-U19 will be a showcase format

All ages will play a 3 game format.

Point System
The following point system will be used to determine winners within each division throughout preliminary games:

6 points for a win 3 points for a tie 0 points for a loss

1 point for each goal (3goal maximum) 1 point for a shutout

10 points maximum per game

Tie Breakers
There will be no finals or shootouts in the event of a tie. All teams will play 3 games.

In the event of a points tie, the tie breaker will be:
1.     Winner of head-to-head competition
2.     Goal differential (3 goal maximum per game)
3.     Fewest goals allowed
4.     Number of shutouts

Game Reports

The center referee and an official from each team must sign the game report. The game report will be used for score verification.

Any team that fails to report for play ten minutes after the scheduled game time shall forfeit the game (as determined by the referee). Any team that abandons a game prior to its conclusion shall forfeit the game. A team that forfeits a game shall not be allowed to move on in play. The team declared a winner by forfeit shall be awarded a win by the score of 3-0.

Any player or coach ejected from a game will be ineligible for the team’s next game. Any player or coach ejected for fighting will be ejected from the remainder of the tournament.

Player’s and coach’s cards will be retained by the tournament director and returned after the suspension has been served.

Protests may be made only by the designated coach. Protests must be submitted in writing and submitted in duplicate with $100 cash to the Tournament Director. No protests will be heard concerning judgment calls made by all referees. Any protest concerning player eligibility must be made prior to the start of a game by notifying the Field Marshall and Referee. All protests must be made within 60 minutes after the end of the game in question. Protests will be ruled on by the Tournament Committee by the start of the participants’ next game.

The protest fee of $100 is not refundable if the protest is not upheld. General Rules

1st place teams will receive individual medals.

Miscellaneous & Facilities Guidelines

Bringing of personal alcoholic beverages on tournament fields or at tournament facilities will not be allowed.

Please keep children away from goals. No climbing on goals or nets. Players only are allowed inside the fenced area and on the fields / benches. No parents are allowed on the field or inside of the fenced area.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Entry fee deadline is 1 week prior to start of the tournament kick off date. Teams which withdraw after acceptance will forfeit their entry fee.

Complete cancellation of the tournament shall result in a refund of 50% if no games are played unless due to a COVID shutdown by St Louis County Dept of Health in which case a 85% refund will be provided.

If teams play 1 game, the refund will be up to 40% of the entry fee. If they play two games, the refund will be up to 20%. Travel costs incurred by teams accepted into the tournament are not the responsibility of the host club. Teams travel at their own risk.

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