JB Marine Soccer Club began in St Louis, MO in 1978 when our chairman, George Foster, began coaching his eldest daughters’ team under the name of his business, the Jefferson Barracks Marine Service Company. In 1985 the club was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization and has grown to a top club in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. In 1991 the club won its first National Championship in the U-19 Girls’ age group. As one of the many accolades received that year, the team was invited to meet the President at the White House with the Women’s National Team, which had won its first World Cup Title that summer. That Championship started a string of six National Championships over the next twenty years. In the history of girl’s/women’s soccer, only eight National Titles have been awarded to Missouri teams and JB Marine has six of those titles.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a club soccer experience that is player-centered and team focused. We look to develop our player’s technical, tactical and mental skill as well as their confidence on and off the field with an emphasis on long term development. We develop competitive players and teams in a fundamentally sound way while creating a fun and dynamic environment.

Player Centered

Player Centered means we put the player’s needs and development at the center of our focus. We feel that by developing the individual player we will create a positive development environment and increase the player’s confidence and love for the game. Unlike large clubs, we are able to tailor our practices to the needs of individual players allowing greater growth, development, and confidence!

Team Focused

Team focused means we develop the individual players but we teach them how to play as a team. In soccer, no one player is more important than the team. We teach the players how to play in a team game model as well as how to respect and encourage one another. Our belief is that players are developed and teams are created through trust, positivity, and unity.

Development Path

Youth up to U8

Starting early JB Marine Soccer Club provides training opportunities for our youth. Whether through our club youth development programs or our joint programs working with Pre-K and K grades with various CYC programs in St Louis, we believe introducing players to soccer at a young age is great for their physical development and to begin instilling a love for the game.

U9 – U10

At this age, the game has moved to 7v7. We begin to put a higher emphasis on 1v1 skill development, encourage players to be creative and try new things, begin working on their passing abilities and recognizing how to move on and off the ball. At this age a lot of active play with some direction is key. We want the players to feel confident in making mistakes and focus more on the effort and attempt than the execution and outcome. We emphasize development over winning at this age.

U11 – U12

At this age, the game is now played 9v9, we are advancing the players development and beginning to really teach a game model that will support the 11v11 play but in the 9v9 game. We want players to have strong confidence in their 1v1 skill, have a strong passing ability, and begin to anticipate where the game is going. Spacing, positioning and the in and out of possession understanding begins to really click at this age. This age is when a lot of change takes place in the mental aspect of the game. We emphasize development over winning at this age as well!

U13 – U19

The game is now at the 11v11 level. This is what we have worked for through the youth levels of development and our teams are ready to make the transition to the larger field. This is also where a much higher emphasis on outcome and execution begins. Our teams will be competing in SLYSA, State Cup, MRL, Club to Club (boys teams) and possibly ECNL leagues. We adjust the training to provide for these various levels of success with a high emphasis on development and learning but also a higher expectation of execution and outcome. As a club, we want to continue to build on our legacy!

Club Accomplishments

  • 84 Missouri State Championships

  • 23 Regional Championships

  • 18 Final Four Appearances

  • 6 National Championships

  • 4 National Team Players

  • 2 World Cup Champions

  • 2 Olympic Champions

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